Bed Liner Spray

Bed liner spray on is the most popular way to line a truck bed. Bed liner spray on application produces a permanent liner for your truck bed. Usually the bed liner spray on is done professionally, but you can get coatings that you can apply yourself. The two leading names in bed liner spray on are Line-X and Rhino Coatings. There probably is a franchise near you. Both make great liners. Line-X finishes are smoother in texture. Rhino Coatings now offers several different finish options.

A bed liner spray on doesn’t take long, only two or three hours. It’s usually a one day project.

Whether you hire someone to do the bed liner spray on or do it yourself, masking the bed is very important. The bed liner spray on material really sticks and is hard to remove. You can’t have overspray and spray drift all over your truck.

The bed liner spray on material we can get to apply ourselves is a polyurethane. It’s a tough paint product with a texture in it. Different manufacturers specify different spray equipment. Some recommend undercoating guns. Others suggest a certain nozzle. Just check the recommendations before you get started. You can also choose a roll on bed liner. Coatings designed for roll on are available. My sons just applied a roll on bed liner to our old family truck. The bed liner looks almost as good as my neighbor’s Line-X bed liner spray on bedliner on! The main problem is it makes the rest of the truck look shabby!

Here’s another thing! An inexpensive roll on bed liner may cost you a new paint job. You’ll have to make the truck body look as good as the new looking bed!

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