Improving Home Decor With Swarovski and Waterford Crystals

Crystals have always captured our attention with their multi reflective surfaces and charm. Some of the well renowned names in the field of crystals are Swarovski Crystals and ביצת יוני Crystals. These crystals look great because of the lustre they carry on their surface. The process in which these crystals are produced is well- guarded secret.

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are used in couture dresses and wedding gowns and are regarded as high- end fashion elements. Though mostly these crystals are seen as accessories in women and men’s dressing, there are home décor products too in their collection.

The show- piece items of crystal swans, colour hued parrots, the famous masculine bull and bear and many such one-of-a-kind table- top items are proud part of many collectors. The water lily candle- stick holder is a lovely gift item.

They also produce picture frames of various sizes and design, studded with crystals on white metal. There are ash- trays and designer vases which can really make your living room into glitter with glint.

The Swarovski leaves collection is a unique piece of art. This is basically a photo frame for small pictures. The crystal- studded foliage radiates out in spirals. It makes a truly mesmerizing piece.

Swarovski makes your bar experience truly enjoyable with their high- end stemware comprising of wine glasses, martini glasses and toasting flues.

Table decor include white wine glasses, red wine glasses, tea lights in silver and gold colours, knife rests, small vase, table candle holder, bottles stopper and many more.

For those who think Swarovski crystal were limited to fashion accessories, think again.

Waterford crystals

Waterford crystals have an entire range of home décor products and vintage gift items and accessories for women and men.

What better place for flowers than a sunshine vase, a posy vase or a bud vase? The designs are unique and highly reflective. You can choose from clear white to hued to tinted crystals.

For the dining table, the best item would be the crystal bowl, a crystal pitcher and a candleholder. You might as well feel like drinking elixir out of the pitcher. Such heavenly is the feel of these crystal items.

Waterford crystals are known for their lovely chandeliers, lamps and ceiling fixtures. No home is complete without these in the stateroom, dining room and a lamp in the study and bedroom.

For those bare walls, give a glint of style with crystal- studded clocks and picture frames. The picture frames come in combination with metal and also as pure piece of crystal artwork.

For collectors, there are lovely figurines such as battle ship, lighthouse, animals, birds, pets, musical instrument, etc and collectibles such as paper weights, chess pieces, gavel, Easter egg, etc.

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