Penis Pump for men

Hey fireman! Is that a penis pump (Мужская вакуумная помпа) in your hand? Yes even firemen use penis pumps, and when they do they prefer the Fire Pump by Pipedreams. If you want to heat up your penis pumping experience then try Fire Pump. That’s right; fire crotch isn’t just for red heads any more! Pumping your hose could not be any easier than this. The flexible tube easily attaches to the base of the fire-engine red cylinder and to a textured pneumatic bulb that even the wettest hands can grip. A form fitting latex ring snugly fits around your latter, helping you achieve the length to climb even the tallest buildings. Once you’ve reached your maximum suction, release the pressure with an easy access push button release control. Sound the sirens; the Fire Pump is going to unleash your hydrant so you can put out that five alarm fire waiting for you in the bedroom. Does anyone smell smoke?

Doc Johnson heralds the P3 as the worlds first Pliable Penis Pump. Unlike most ridged pumps, the Doc Johnson P3 is made out of a soft pliable material that is shaped like a large 9 1/2 inch dick. The inner cavity welcomes cock sizes up to 7 1/2 inches fully erect. The P3 includes a reduction ring to ensure a solid seal no matter what your size. The P3 also features the unique quick disconnect valve so you can remove the suction bulb without release the pressure. Just think of the possibilities with this reduced penis pump clutter! When you can’t take the pleasure any more and you are ready to release the seal, simply press the conveniently located pressure release valve located at the base of the chamber. The P3 is available in red and the very popular clear.

The Monument of Truth is here for men who love their tool. Pull the trigger boys and get ready to shoot the load of your dreams! With an easy to squeeze pistol grip trigger handle, the Monument of Truth will suck the the juice right out of you. No more Mr. Nice Pump, the Monument of Truth features industrial strength pvc tubing and a seriously tight fighting comfort donut to keep you hard beyond your wildest fantasies. The tube will accommodate a powerful 7 inches, so don’t be afraid to push the limits with this pump!

It’s not a crime anymore…. or is it? The One Armed Bandit Pump by Doc Johnson is here to steel your seed. The powerfully strong suction will engorge your rod in record time, while you pull one off with the simple to use two finger pull trigger. An extra tight and very comfortable pleasure sleeve will keep you strong and hard while you finish the job. When you’re ready to get away with the crime, simply release the pressure with the quick release safety valve conveniently located next to the trigger. I guess breaking the law is more fun than I thought!

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