Sex During Pregnancy

It’s a topic that everyone wonders about, but few are willing to actually discuss: sex during pregnancy. While some people have safety concerns, worrying that it will be dangerous to the baby, others simply feel that it’s too taboo. The body hang-ups experienced by pregnant women may also prevent them from engaging in sex.

There are a few cases in which your doctor may advise you not to have sex, or even orgasms, during your pregnancy. This is usually because of an unusual pregnancy or a history of difficult pregnancies. If your doctor has specifically given you such orders, please follow them. If you haven’t spoken with your doctor about this and have doubts, you should ask, especially if there is a history of , are experiencing bleeding, your water has broken, or if you or your partner currently have a sexually transmitted תנוחות סקס בהריון.

Most women, however, are lucky enough not to have these complications. For these women, sex during pregnancy is very safe and enjoyable. Because of their increased hormones and blood flow to their genitals, some women even experience their first sex-induced orgasms and have multi-orgasmic experiences.

Sometimes, though, pregnant women worry about their appearance. They may feel large, puffy, and bloated, and this might put them off of sex. However, they are often surprised to find that their partners find them more attractive than ever. The combination of that legendary pregnant ‘glow’, swollen breasts, and growing belly are extremely sexy to men. Communication between the couple will help to overcome any barriers and insecurities.

There are plenty of other things that keep you from being ‘in the mood’ during your pregnancy. We all know about morning sickness, and granted, it can be hard to feel sexy while you’re trying not to throw up. In addition, you’re probably exhausted from growing a baby! Some women also just feel uneasy about the idea of having sex while pregnant. Again, it’s best to discuss these things, to reduce frustration and misunderstandings.

If the couple still isn’t sure about having sex, they have other options to fall back on. Massage and cuddling are sure to be appreciated by the pregnant woman, and a relaxing bath will be a sensual experience for both. Kissing and mutual masturbation are also ways to satisfy without going ‘all the way.’

If a couple decides that they are ready to try pregnant sex, they may find that they need to get creative. Even the most basic positions may prove too uncomfortable with a pregnant belly in the way. Missionary, for instance, is probably not going to work, as women feel uncomfortable and men often worry that they’re hurting the baby. Woman on top is a good option, as are positions with the man penetrating the woman from behind. Spooning is popular, and can be extremely enjoyable for the woman, while allowing her to relax and not exert herself too much.

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